Shivah Jahangir-Tafreshi

Strategy and Communications Director

Shivah leads our strategy and communications division which delivers on our statutory duty to advise Government and industry on tourism matters that impact on England’s tourism as well as those that affect Britain’s global competitiveness. Our team leads our strategy development and business planning, provides research and insights on England and inbound tourism to Britain, evaluation of our activity, regional partnership engagement, communication with our stakeholders and staff; and leads the industry in time of crisis, providing the secretariat for the Tourism Industry Emergency Response Group.  

About the Strategy & Communications division

Our research team provides a wealth of information on both domestic and international markets and customers. By offering world-class market insights, trends and performance analysis across sectors, we provide the industry with the research they need to build their tourism business, recover from COVID and encourage marketing that’s inspirational and relevant, alongside better targeted product development.  

We proactively engage with the nations and regions of England and Britain to ensure we deliver on our targets to drive the regional growth of inbound tourism. Internal data and analysis are performed by our analytics team which monitors and evaluates activity and campaign performance against government targets.

Our stakeholder communications team informs and engages industry and staff about our activities and news through clear messages sent out via our communication channels. Our key channels include this website, networking events, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and our targeted Britain and England newsletters.

Shivah's biography

Shivah joined us in 2002 and has had a progressive tourism career with VisitBritain/VisitEngland, and prior to that at London Tourist Board. She currently leads the development and delivery of our strategy, research, data, analytics, evaluation, business events and industry, stakeholder and internal communications. Shivah’s previous roles have spanned marketing, communications, events, industry relations, trade engagement and crisis management both in leisure tourism and in business events. Most recently, she has led our communications programme to support the tourism industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

She has also been Deputy Chair of the Tourism Industry Emergency Response Group (TIER)  since 2011, coordinating the tourism industry response and messaging at times of crisis.



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