Research release timetable

The release timetable provides details of when research reports are scheduled to be published over the next few months. 

For the release dates of the GBTS (Great Britain Tourism Survey) and GBDVS (Great Britain Day Visits Survey) please visit the dedicated research pages. 

  England Occupancy Survey Annual Attractions Survey Sentiment Tracker
January 2023

November 2022 report:

20th Jan

  19th Jan
February 2023

December 2022 report:

10th Feb

  17th Feb
March 2023

January 2023 report:

14th Mar

  17th Mar
April 2023

February 2023 report:

12th April

  24th April
May 2023

March 2023 report:

10th May

  22nd May
June 2023 TBC   19th June
July 2023 TBC 2022 Report: TBC 21st July