Quality assessment for your attraction

An unbiased viewpoint. Promotional opportunities. Support throughout the year. Develop and promote your attraction with VisitEngland's Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme.

Delivered by highly experienced assessors who know the sector inside out, VisitEngland's Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme is designed to help you maximise your business potential. By engaging with the scheme, you'll receive a full written assessment of your business from a valuable outside perspective, tailored advice and guidance, access to business support tools and national PR opportunities as well as the chance to use our Quality Rose Marque in all your advertising.

You'll also be eligible for one of our accolades, such as the Gold accolade or Hidden Gem accolade, which can help you boost your business and gain an edge over your competitors.

The benefits

VisitEngland visitor attraction scheme quality marqueVisitor Attraction Quality Marque

  • Unlimited use of our Quality Rose Marque in all your promotional material, so you can show visitors you have the National Tourist Board seal of approval.
  • A visit from a highly experienced assessor, who'll take into account all aspects of the visitor journey, to assess the quality of your attraction in context.
  • A face-to-face debrief of your assessment visit, where you can ask questions and discuss opportunities for developing your visitor experience.
  • A comprehensive written report of the assessor’s findings, which will include the key observations, acknowledgement of areas in which your attraction excels and recommendations for improvement.
  • A review of your marketing material and an unbiased assessment of expectation against genuine experience.
  • Assistance with forward planning for investment, identifying immediate actions and areas for future development.
  • Free quality scheme display sign featuring our Quality Rose Marque for new joiners.
  • Opportunity to achieve one or more of our unique accolades for attractions.

Gold accolade logoAccolades

As a member of our Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme you'll be able to enter our unique accolades. Introduced in 2014, these accolades recognise attractions where the visitor experience is of the highest quality.

The accolades are designed to reward excellence, whether in one particular area or across the whole visitor journey. Each one has its own scoring criteria. Your assessor can explain how close you are to achieving an accolade and provide guidance on how to improve your scores.

The accolades currently awarded to attractions are:

  • Gold accolade
  • Best Told Story accolade
  • Welcome accolade
  • Hidden Gem accolade
  • Quality Food & Drink accolade

How it works

When we've received your application form, you'll be sent an invoice requesting payment. Once payment has been received you'll be allocated an assessor, who'll then contact you directly to arrange a visit.

Your assessor will replicate your entire customer journey, from looking at your website before the visit to experiencing all aspects of your attraction, including customer-staff interactions.

Your attraction will be assessed against criteria specific to your type of attraction. For example, museums are scored against a different question set than activity-based experiences or tours.

There are eight key areas which are assessed across all attractions:

  1. Pre-Arrival
  2. Arrival and Initial Impressions
  3. The Attraction
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Toilets (if available)
  6. Catering (if available)
  7. Retail (if available)
  8. Staff

To ensure that your visitors receive a consistent level of quality throughout, each of these areas has a minimum score threshold which needs to be met in order for your attraction to gain accreditation.

Once the assessor has completed their experience, they will perform a face-to-face debrief with the manager or staff member of your choice. You'll then receive a written report consolidating the assessor’s findings, which can be shared with your team and used in press releases and other marketing.

Once you've received your report, the team is on hand to answer any queries you may have. As well as the assessment, debrief and report, you'll also have access to a number of benefits, including the opportunity to feature in our marketing campaigns and unlimited use of our Quality Rose Marque in all your promotional material.

See the 2017 Accolade winners (PDF, 269KB)

Fees and how to apply

We calculate your annual participation fee based on: how many visitors you have, how much you charge for entry and whether you'd like a visit every year or every other year (see FAQs for more information). Attractions that are new to the scheme or re-joining after lapsing are also required to pay a one-off joining fee.

For more information and to join the scheme, visit the VisitEngland Assessment Services website.

Who's in the Scheme?a gardener mowing the lawn at Hever Castle

There's a wide range of attractions taking part in the scheme across the country, from well-known tourist hot spots to hidden gems in quiet villages. These include museums, theme parks, churches, nature reserves, tours, activity-based attractions and more. If you have a specific query regarding an attraction taking part in the scheme, contact our Visitor Attraction team.


National Code of Practice for Visitor Attractionsa staff member giving a visitor directions

VisitEngland’s National Code of Practice for Visitor Attractions can help you show your visitors that you take customer service seriously.

Members of the Code of Practice agree to undertake 15 actions, including providing an accurate description of all facilities at the attraction and producing an Accessibility Guide, (an improved format that replaces Access Statements).

All members of the Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme are automatically enrolled in the Code of Practice as part of their participation terms and conditions.

If you're not a member of the Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme and would like to sign up to the Code of Practice, download and complete the application form and email it to us.

Download the National Code of Practice (PDF, 100KB)

Download the National Code of Practice application form (DOCX, 93KB)

Visitor Attraction Scheme Quality Standard Guide

Cover of Quality standard brochure

The Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme Standard Guide (PDF, 6MB) gives more information on:

  • The minimum criteria for scheme members
  • How the scoring system works and what your assessor will be looking for
  • Accolades
  • Hints and tips from assessors
  • Your legal obligations to provide access for all and ideas for making your attraction more sustainable


All scheme participants will receive a hard copy of the guide prior to their assessment.