Promote your Microgap opportunities

In the newest iteration of our domestic marketing campaign, we are establishing a new travel trend – Microgapping. With all the enriching and fulfilling experiences of a gap year packed into short breaks in the UK, it is the new way to explore.


#MyMicrogap targets the ‘lost generation’ of 18-34 year olds from Great Britain and Northern Ireland and encourages them to take a holiday at home. Statistics show that 16-to-34 year olds took almost 1.4 million fewer holidays at home in 2016 compared to a decade earlier.

In its first phase the activity introduces the concept of a microgap, which can be best defined as:

“The act of taking short breaks that offer the same enriching opportunities for self-development as that experienced on a typical gap year or career break.”

A series of seven 10-second clips, based on the themes of “Go Wild,” “Learn More”, “Switch off” and “Give back,” will be displayed on digital billboards across locations including railway stations and shopping centres in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These, and additional Microgaps, can be found on our website: My Microgap.

Over the coming months and through work with VICE as content partner and commercial partners as well as those using the campaign hashtag #MyMicrogap we will be creating and curating more and more amazing experiences fulfilling one or more of the microgapping elements:

Learn new skills

Support a good cause

Embrace a challenge

Improve wellbeing

Indulge a passion

Tick off bucket list experiences

Discover local flavours

Local culture

Meet new people


View the 30 second online ad:

How to get involved

You can get involved by uploading whole microgaps and/or videos and images of microgaps in your destination or at your product on social media using #MyMicrogap and #loveUK to really make this new trend take off and be part of our curation process.

Microgap stickers

Use our bespoke set of animated gifs when posting your Instagram stories. Simply enter “Microgap” into the Gif search for a host of eye-catching options to promote your microgaps!

Watch and download the campaign films


#MyMicrogap...10s teaser

#MyMicrogap...Switch off

#MyMicrogap...Learn more








#MyMicrogap...Give back


#MyMicrogap...Go wild