Latest legislative updates

Tourism Alliance's Director, Kurt Janson, gives an update on the latest regulatory changes affecting the hospitality industry. 

Logs by a fire

Fire risk assessment tool

Our tool gives you step-by-step guidance through your assessment, helping you to identify risks, form an action plan and produce your written record.

printed copy of the 9th edition of the Pink Book

Buy a printed copy of the Pink Book

Printed versions of the 9th edition of the Pink Book: Legislation for tourist accommodation, published in spring 2017, are available to purchase for £9.99 plus £1.50 postage.

TV and copyright licences

Did you know that if you offer short-stay accommodation to overnight visitors and have installed television sets in the accommodation, you may need a 'Hotel and Mobile Units Television Licence' (hotel licence)? Find out more.

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Food safety and hygiene

Discover the most important food safety and hygiene legislation that applies in the UK.

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Alcohol and entertainment licensing

If you provide alcohol for your guests, you will need a licence. Find out about the different types of licences and how they may apply to your business.

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Cancellations and no-shows

If you are an accommodation provider, read more about the recommendations around cancellation procedure, to avoid any possible problems around no-shows, curtailments and cancellations.