Past campaigns

See how we have raised Britain and England’s profile through our campaigns. We work with Government and a range of commercial partners to grow England's domestic tourism, boost Britain’s image overseas and inspire people to travel domestically and to Britain from abroad.

Explore how we have increased tourism to North and the South West through our tourism growth fund activity. Watch a showreel of our 2015/16 highlights, and explore our past campaigns.

Local market campaigns

Wildcard UK campaign image with Australian reality star Tully Smith in front of a waterfall
Find out how we’ve been inspiring the world to visit, through our campaigns.

Year of the English Garden 2016

And English garden
2016 was the Year of the English Garden. Find out more.

GREAT UK Challenge Fund

racing car on Tower bridge
The GREAT UK Challenge Fund is a new merit-based initiative, operating as part of the overall GREAT campaign.

South West Tourism Growth Fund

collage of south west campaign images
The South West Tourism Growth Fund (SWTGF) aimed to develop and promote South West England's visitor economy.

Northern Tourism Growth Fund

Campaign image from Northern Tourism Growth Fund campaign
The Northern Tourism Growth Fund (NTGF) aimed to promote the North of England through a wide-ranging programme of activities.