Our values and behaviours

Find out more about our shared values and behaviours that define our culture and our way of working.

High-energy and passionate about working in British tourism 

  • Embrace your work with enthusiasm and work at pace
  • Take the initiative and be proactive 
  • Be open to new ideas from colleagues, partners and industry
  • Actively encourage and support your colleagues
  • Look for the positive, problem solve and find solutions
  • Always try your best, recognising your strengths and weaknesses 


Accountable for both our delivery and behaviour 

  • Ensure your commitments are achievable and then deliver them - big or small 
  • Trust others to do the same
  • Take ownership of all that you do – successes and mistakes
  • Always review your activity and lessons learnt and share them so that others benefit and we can all adapt and improve 
  • Own your learning and development: continually seeking new skills and knowledge 

Global and celebrate diversity

  • Remember that we are a global organisation and communicate accordingly, respecting time zones, language barriers and cultural differences 
  • Ensure your communications are timely, simple and can be clearly understood by all
  • Be culturally aware - respecting race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, religious and political beliefs and other ideologies
  • Seek and embrace cross-divisional, pan-regional and global opportunities

Collaborative, open and give trust 

  • Remember we are all in one team
  • Actively share, communicate, cooperate and involve others so that we can be the best 
  • Take the time to build relationships across the organisation 
  • Be open and honest in all your dealings
  • Include the right people at the right time, respect their views and appreciate their participation. 
  • Work as part of cross regional and divisional teams and commit to our shared goals


  • Get to know your customer, whether internal or external, and understand their individual business needs and requirements
  • Put all of our customers at the heart of your decision-making and deliver the best possible service
  • Proactively seek new opportunities to meet if not exceed customer expectations
  • Always use data and other credible evidence to make customer-led decisions

Ambitious and strive for excellence 

  • Aim high, following through on best ideas and making sure your work has a positive impact
  • Always strive for improvements  - we are a learning organisation, committed to innovating and maximising efficiencies
  • Make the best possible use of resources to ensure you and your work is as effective as it can be 
  • Provide open, constructive feedback, supporting and celebrating the achievements of others