Our people strategy

Our people strategy was developed against a backdrop of global change and uncertainty, unprecedented in its reach and scale. COVID-19 created challenges but also opportunities as it became clear early on that “business as usual” will not be “business as before”. This environment encouraged us to look beyond the familiar way of doing things and to be bold and innovative.

By working across the organisation we have been able to create something that is inclusive and shaped by our colleagues. Colleagues offered their expertise, passion and time to develop the strategy with the support of the Diversity and Inclusion networks and the Vision Implementation Group. As a result, our people strategy is future facing, rightly ambitious, but also practical and deliverable. It identifies four goals for success:

  • Motivate our teams
  • Increase our supply of talent
  • Foster inspirational, confident and empowering leadership
  • Embed diversity and inclusion in everything we do


Our people strategy will help every member of our organisation to become more resilient and diverse, develop their skills and maximise their wellbeing at work. We also recognise that the way we lead, manage and behave is fundamental, therefore integrating our values to help define our culture and ways of working will build a strong foundation for success – putting us in the best possible position to deliver on our vital remit and achieve our ambitions.