Multi-generational travel

As part of the Discover England Fund we are delivering a programme of research to support product development in England. We have produced a series of destination reports for the domestic market for a number of popular destinations around England.


This research looks into the characteristics of multigenerational travel and the attractiveness of England as a holiday destination to these groups in various markets. This study was carried out across eight international markets as well as Great Britain, investigating the travel dynamics of a variety of different combinations of family groups in order to asses key opportunities, drivers and barriers

As part of the multi-generational travel research we have developed a series of market-specific dashboards. These summaries provide information on the travel dynamics of mutligeneration groups taking holidays from different markets.

Screenshot of Multi-Gen Visitor Research Report, one minute to midnight, jun 2019. white background with VisitEngland logo in top right hand corner, report title on left.

Download Full Report: (PDF, 3MB) 

Market Dashboards:

Australia: (PDF, 265KB)
China: (PDF, 264KB)
France: (PDF, 263KB)
Germany: (PDF, 261KB)
India: (PDF, 263KB)
Saudi Arabia: (PDF, 262KB)
UAE: (PDF, 268KB)
United States: (PDF, 265KB)
United Kingdom: (PDF, 263KB)