Local assessment schemes

If you're a destination, you may wish to consider operating your own local assessment scheme.

VisitEngland's Entry Level Scheme provides destinations with a robust local inspection framework for accommodation businesses that choose not to join the National Quality Assessment Scheme. The scheme focuses on demonstrating that businesses are “legal, safe and clean” and requires annual day visits.

There are separate criteria for hotels and guest accommodation, self-catering and parks. You can also get a promotional brochure for serviced accommodation, which provides best practice guidance for operators.

You may choose to include your own additional minimum quality standards in your scheme, although you should limit these to reduce barriers to entry. No star ratings should be awarded.

You must do your own marketing and branding of your scheme and can choose what local and regional marketing benefits the scheme can bring to your business. The Quality Rose Marque cannot be used by locally assessed businesses, but you can promote your scheme as “accredited by VisitEngland”. Although you'll ‘own’ your local scheme, we’ll act as guardian of the scheme criteria.

We've developed three different options for destinations:

  • Our accreditation of an existing local scheme
  • The opportunity to set up and run a new local scheme employing your own assessors (who we’ll train)
  • The opportunity to choose our assessment provider to deliver the scheme for you.

Find out more about our Entry Level Scheme or email for more information.

You can find out whether your destination has a local scheme by contacting your Destination Management Organisation.