Improvements to inbound data tools

25 June 2019

We have updated our interactive inbound data tools across the website, the updates build on the current functionality and allow users to compare multiple markets at once.

The update allows users to compare data on one chart that is viewable as either line, bar or pie charts. The charts also have a much cleaner look and feel, are more interactive and are optimised for mobile and tablet. All the current functionality and filters will stay the same. 

    The updated functionality:

    • The core inbound pages and segment pages still show aggregated data for multiple markets with the option to display breakdowns by market.
    • On the individual market pages users will be able to compare data by journey purpose
    • Quarterly pages allow the user to compare multiple markets at once, one quarter at a time.
    • When comparing data on the trend chart you are able to switch between a line chart and a bar chart.
    • The seasonality, journey purpose and duration of stay charts can be viewed as either a pie chart or bar chart.
    • On the line, pie and bar charts you can hover over each section and see the figures.


    The update is across the following pages:

    The download CSV button has moved from below the chart to the top next to the other filters.

    In phase two of the update additional functionality will include the ability to download images of the charts and the ability to share filtered views.