Images and footage of Britain wanted

We are seeking high quality footage and images of Britain to use in our activities. See our submission deadlines to include your destination assets in our content call.

What do I get?

  • Opportunity for your business or destination to be considered for inclusion in our destination marketing campaigns and channels.
  • Opportunity for your images to be potentially included in our VisitBritain Images gallery and used for tourism purposes by media or external bodies.

What is it?

We regularly run 'brand trawls' where hundreds of assets are researched and scored by our teams and then approved based on a set of brand principles. Assets are then uploaded with the necessary rights and permissions to our image library

While we are able to cover a number of locations and experiences, we often have gaps; or it may be that assets do not have the correct permissions in place in order for us to use them the way we would like.

What are we looking for?

We are often in touch with partners to ask for assistance and would be grateful for your help once again. We are in search of the following as a priority for Escape the Everyday but would also like to receive submissions for our on-going brand trawls. Uses include multiple format and high resolution files. You must own the assets being submitted and have all necessary permissions secured in order to agree to our terms of use.

  • Seasonal footage and stills (winter and spring as a priority)
  • Family (pre empty-nester families, intergenerational families and families with pets)
  • Diversity and Accessibility
  • Mask use at indoor attractions
  • Social distancing (COVID friendly activities)
  • Walking and cycling (countryside, cities and coastal areas)
  • Gardens featuring people (especially family)
  • Spa treatments
  • Afternoon tea
  • High-quality restaurants and cosy pubs
  • Cultural attractions

See our Submission Guidelines (PDF, 4.75MB)

Priority deadlines

  • Submission deadline is 4pm Thursday 21 January 2021

For further information on how to submit and to receive a private upload link please contact

A series of destination images

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