I Travel For...

Using short films and story-telling to showcase unexpected experiences, our campaign aligns the passions that motivate people to travel with experiences that can only be had in Britain, inspiring overseas visitors to book a trip right now.

In February 2018 we launched our new global marketing campaign ‘I Travel For…’ to boost inbound tourism to Britain.The campaign uses short films and story-telling to highlight unexpected experiences, less explored destinations in Britain, as well as our globally renowned and iconic landmarks and attractions. The digital campaign kicked off internationally with a launch film on Facebook and Instagram and will be followed by a series of films and images promoting destinations across Britain

The digital campaign is launching across social media channels from February to April in key markets including Australia, France, Germany, the US, China, the GCC and India. As part of the global campaign, we are also working with commercial partners, including BA and Expedia, across its key inbound visitor markets to convert the inspiration to visit Britain into bookings.

Background to the campaign

The campaign has been developed based on our global research into people’s motivations, passions and inspiration for travel including adventure, fun, relaxation, discovery, culture, food and drink and the unexpected. The campaign uses these motivators to create tailored content for target audiences, which is then shared on Facebook and Instagram globally.