Guidance and criteria for event support applications

Boosting inbound visits to international events in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Demonstrating additionality. Return on investment of 25:1. All applicants need to be able to fulfil all the criteria below to be considered for the Event Support Programme. 

Before making your application, it is essential that you have discussed your proposal and agreed it as viable with the National Tourist Boards (London & Partners, Tourism Northern Ireland, VisitEngland, VisitScotland, Visit Wales) and Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) as applicable (if applicant is not a DMO).

Criteria for applications

  • The Event Support Programme will only consider applications relating to international business events that bring inbound visits of overseas delegates to Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Applications for Bid Support will only be considered when the applicant is the sole UK candidate for the event
  • Applications for support to enhance the value of an existing event must clearly demonstrate the additionality that the activity aims to achieve above and beyond that already programmed to happen
  • Any applications for financial support must demonstrate match funding of at least 50% of the proposed activity. This can be cash or in-kind support you intend to secure aligned to the activity proposed in the application
  • Applications for short-term financial support for spend during year 2016/17 must have all expenditure and activity delivered by the end of March 2017
  • Applications can be made for a future spend up to financial year 2019/20
  • Any proposed activity must include detailed information on tangible outputs and an evaluation methodology for measuring outcomes
  • Applicants are advised that the return on investment target for the GREAT Britain campaign funded activity is 25:1. This can be achieved for example through cash, in-kind and other measurable metrics which can be evidenced
  • Applicants are advised that any marketing activity funded from this programme will require the integration of approved GREAT Britain campaign branding, and sign off from the campaign team before delivery commences
  • The Grant will be paid in arrears on the basis of the actual reimbursement of eligible project costs.


  • Events relating to the defence sector, or for any activity that could bring the GREAT Britain campaign into disrepute, do not qualify for support from this Programme
  • Funding from this programme cannot be used to pay hosting fees for events

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