GREAT China welcome

Our GREAT China welcome programme aims to make Britain the destination of choice for the rapidly-growing Chinese market.

At the centre of the programme is the GREAT China Welcome Charter to help Chinese visitors easily identify hotels, attractions, retailers and tour operators that are making themselves ‘China-ready’ by providing information in Mandarin or Cantonese and adapting their products for the Chinese market and culture. 

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About the GREAT China Welcome Charter

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Find out how to show that you're committed to providing exceptional service to Chinese travellers.

Register for the GREAT China Welcome charter

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Sign up for the GREAT China Welcome charter so visitors know that you are 'China-ready.'

China market insights

Discover the trends in the inbound visitor market from China, what activities the Chinese like to undertake in Britain, and more.

Marketing to China

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Discover our tips for marketing in this fast moving market.

Understanding Chinese travellers & intermediaries

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Read our advice on preparing to welcome Chinese visitors, whatever sector of the hospitality industry you specialise in.

China-focused marketing and support services for business

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Find a list of companies which offer ‘market-entry’ services to British tourism & hospitality businesses looking to welcome more Chinese visitors.