GB Tourism Survey (domestic overnight tourism): Latest results

There will be a temporary gap in the monthly reporting of the GBTS as we transition over to a new data supplier. We estimate the normal cycle of reporting will resume in Q4 2020.

The Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS) is a national consumer survey measuring the volume and value of domestic overnight tourism trips taken by residents in Great Britain, and provides detailed information about trip and visitor characteristics.

GBTS 2019 Annual Report

GBTS 2019 Annual Report: (PDF, 2.9MB | PPT, 3.1MB)

GBTS 2019 Monthly Results

December: December table of results (PDF, 623KB)December table of results (PPT, 566KB)December commentary of Results (PDF, 3.6MB)December commentary of results (PPT, 1.8MB)

November: November table of results (PDF, 623KB)November table of results (PPT, 566KB)|

October: October table of results (PDF, 623KB)October table of results (PPT, 566KB)|

September: September table of results (PDF, 623KB)September table of results (PPT, 566KB) | September commentary of Results (PDF, 3.6MB) | September commentary of results (PPT, 1.8MB)

August: August table of results (PDF, 623KB)August table of results (PPT, 566KB) | August commentary of Results (PDF, 3.6MB) | August commentary of results (PPT, 1.8MB)

July: July table of results (PDF, 623KB)July table of results (PPT, 566KB)July commentary of Results (PDF, 3.6MB) | July commentary of results (PPT, 1.8MB)

June: June table of results (PDF, 623KB)June table of results (PPT, 566KB)June commentary of Results (PDF, 3.6MB) | June commentary of results (PPT, 1.8MB)

May: May table of results (PDF, 623KB)May table of results (PPT, 566KB)| May commentary of Results (PDF, 3.6MB) | May commentary of results (PPT, 1.8MB)

April: April table of results (PDF, 623KB)April table of results (PPT, 566KB)| April commentary of Results (PDF, 3.6MB) | April commentary of results (PPT, 1.8MB)

March: March table of results (PDF, 605KB)March table of results (PPT, 493KB) | March commentary of results (PDF, 1.8MB) | March commentary of Results (PPT, 3.6MB)

January / FebruaryJanuary/February table of results (PDF, 605KB)January/February table of results (PPT, 493KB) | January/February commentary of results (PDF, 1.8MB) | January/February commentary of Results (PPT, 3.6MB)

GBTS 2019 Quarterly Results

Q4 2019: Quarterly Regional Summary (PDF, 478KB) | Q4 2019: Quarterly Regional Summary (PPT, 1.4MB)

Q3 2019: Quarterly Regional Summary (PDF, 478KB) | Q3 2019: Quarterly Regional Summary (PPT, 1.4MB)

Q2 2019: Quarterly Regional Summary (PDF, 478KB) | Q2 2019: Quarterly Regional Summary (PPT, 1.4MB)

Q1 2019: Quarterly Regional Summary (PDF, 478KB) | Q1 2019: Quarterly Regional Summary (PPT, 1.3MB)