GB Tourism Survey (domestic overnight tourism): Latest results

The Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS) is a national consumer survey measuring the volume and value of domestic overnight tourism trips taken by residents in Great Britain, and provides detailed information about trip and visitor characteristics.

GBTS 2017 Annual Report

The GB Tourist 2017 (PDF, 5MB) is the latest annual report for the survey. This provides a detailed overview of survey findings, broken down by trip purpose (holidays, visiting friends and relatives, and business trips), regions, demographics and other key variables.

GBTS 2019 Monthly Results

January / February: Table of results (PDF, 605KB)Table of results (PPT, 493KB) | Commentary of results (PDF, 1.8MB) | Commentary of Results (PPT, 3.6MB)

GBTS 2018 Monthly Results

In February 2019, an error was discovered with the GBTS 2018 results provided by TNS. This has now been rectified, and all 2018 data published in the November report onwards is now correct. The January-October reports corrected and re-published April 2019.

December: Table of results (PDF, 65KB)Table of results (PPT, 1.6MB) | Commentary of results (PDF, 1.8MB) | Commentary of Results (PPT, 3.6MB)

November: Table of results (PDF, 644KB)Table of results (PPT, 1.6MB) | Commentary of results (PDF, 1.8MB) | Commentary of Results (PPT, 3.6MB)

October: Table of results (PDF, 631KB)Table of results (PPT, 1.6MB) 

September: Table of results (PDF, 611KB)Table of results (PPT, 1.6MB) 

August: Table of results (PDF, 598KB)Table of results (PPT, 1.6MB) 

July: Table of results (PDF, 587KB)Table of results (PPT, 1.6MB) 

June: Table of results (PDF, 577KB)Table of results (PPT, 1.6MB) 

May: Table of results (PDF, 563KB)Table of results (PPT, 1.6MB) 

April: Table of results (PDF, 558KB)Table of results (PPT, 1.6MB) 

March: Table of results (PDF, 540KB)Table of results (PPT, 1.6MB) 

January / February: Table of results (PDF, 525KB)Table of results (PPT, 1.6MB)  

Trips to different parts of England in 2018

Each quarter we publish GBTS results for the nine regions of England, covering the volume and value of domestic overnight trips to different parts of England. These include quarterly, year-to-date and past 12-month figures.

GBTS Quarterly Regional Summary Q4 2018 (PDF, 484KB)

GBTS Quarterly Regional Summary Q3 2018 (PDF, 495KB)

GBTS Quarterly Regional Summary Q2 2018 (PDF, 484KB)

GBTS Quarterly Regional Summary Q1 2018 (PDF, 492KB)