#OMGB - GREAT Britain - Home of Amazing Moments campaign

Starting a global social conversation around the amazing moments you can only get in Britain, our campaign aimed to inspire more people to come and experience our culture and countryside.

International campaign

A windy road through an old english town. The text '#OMGB, Great Britain. Home of amazing moments' is in white at the top of the imageBuilding on the success of the initial campaign in the Americas and Europe, we launched #OMGB (Oh My GREAT Britain) - Britain, Home of Amazing Moments in Australia and China in late 2016, marking the beginning of phase two of the campaign that rolled out globally in early 2017. Each market had carefully selected ‘moments’ that resonated with the audience to provide a richer experience.

The second phase kicked off in Australia and China in September 2016. The Australian activity primarily targeted the affluent trendsetter with a mixture of print and digital that drove consumers to the Australian #OMGB landing page. The brand campaign was supported by additional partner co-op campaigns taking place over two phases to align with key booking periods. The Chinese activity showcased the best of Britain’s wide range of authentic experiences and activities filmed on locations across Britain ranging from countryside and coast to food, culture and heritage. The activity included a four-week partnership with Hainan Airlines, part of HNA Group, and Tuniu.com, to convert the aspiration to visit into bookings by making it easier for Chinese travellers to book a holiday to Britain. 

In October 2016 #OMGB launched in France, Germany and the US in partnership with Expedia with a six-month digital marketing campaign across the three markets including online, social and blogger activity to promote ‘365 Days of #OMGB’ moments across Britain. The activity also launched in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a six-week digital and print campaign.  

People on a speed boat, driving under London bridge. The text '#OMGB, home of amazing moments is in white at the top of the pageJan/Feb 2017 saw further #OMGB activity launched in France and Germany, with online activity including competitions driving consumers to market specific landing pages with content tailored for each market. The online activity was followed by print supplements in renowned national media publications in each market - Die Zeit and Der Tagespiegel in Germany and Telerama in France. Further European activity launched in Italy and Spain in March 2017. We also launched #OMGB in India for the first time with a seven week digital and billboard campaign to showcase the amazing moments that can only be had on a trip to Britain. In March 2017 we partnered with British Airways to launch #OMGB in South Africa offering discounted airfares and a competition for entrants to win one of four regional #OMGB moments.

The initial campaign launched on 14 January 2016, #OMGB GREAT Britain - Home of Amazing Moments was an evolution of our previous marketing campaigns and a new over-arching proposition in promoting tourism to Britain. Primarily launched in Brazil, China, France, Germany and the USA, by communicating our offering through fresh storytelling and raising awareness of the range of activities and experiences in Britain, the campaign promotes Britain's key cities whilst highlighting them as gateways to Britain's countryside.

Domestic campaign

Woman in orange top running up a steep bank alongside a lWastwater lake in the Lake DistrictWe launched our largest domestic marketing campaign for 2016, the ‘Home of Amazing Moments.’  The national campaign encouraged people to take holidays at home by inspiring them with stunning images of the amazing experiences on offer across the UK. It highlighted amazing moments and experiences across the UK through digital, TV, print and outdoor marketing activity and also encouraged people to upload images of their own memorable moments using the hashtag #OMGB.

The GREAT campaign is in its eighth year and run in partnership with the national tourism organisations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as tourism businesses across the country. 

A number of travel trade partners have encouraged engagement in the campaign, these included; TUI, The Travel Network Group, Advantage, Barrhead Travel, Premier Travel and tour operators Shearings, Bourne Leisure, Hoseasons, Superbreak and Attraction World. Partners utilised imagery and logos in their advertising, POS and online.

Background to the campaign

Britain is recognised as a world-class destination for culture and heritage and these aspects of the British holiday offer are repeatedly identified as major draws for overseas visitors.

Through the Anholt Nations Brand Index (NBI) we have insight into the perceptions of the UK’s culture and heritage amongst respondents in 20 countries around the world. In 2018 the UK was ranked 3rd overall, and specifically 4th for contemporary culture, 5th for historic buildings and 7th for cultural heritage (out of 50 nations).

When it comes to natural beauty, the UK is ranked at only 24th out of 50 nations. This presents us with a great marketing opportunity.

While we have had a focus on culture, heritage and countryside over the last few years, these themes have been promoted independently. Whilst our audience demographics differ by market, what unites them is a desire for fun and immersive experiences that feed their innate curiosity and spark their enthusiasm for life.

During 2015, we evolved our campaign activity into one story, an overarching proposition whereby the above themes can sit together and appeal to all audiences.

What is the campaign?

Social media has changed the way the world connects, communicates and shares information and this trend is particularly relevant in the context of holidays.

While word of mouth from family and friends, press, TV and internet are all key sources of information for planning and taking holidays, social media offers unparalleled opportunities to engage directly with potential visitors about Britain at all stages of the holiday planning cycle.

Social media is integral in most of our tourism marketing. In planning the campaign we wanted to ensure this social approach was at the very heart of our activity. 

We created a campaign that captured people’s imaginations, enhance their perceptions and move from intent to action, by promoting Britain as the Home of Amazing Moments. Using snapshots of special moments we want to evoke the feeling of being there – the moments travellers want to share with their friends, family and social audiences. These GREAT moments can be defined as:

‘Your first reaction, the moment of discovery. When your senses are engulfed. Those times when you feel you’re part of something incredible. Moments that represent the pinnacle of what Britain has to offer. We want to communicate the feeling of being there.

It’s feeling the frost in the air as morning mist creeps over Hadrian’s Wall. It’s the whistle of the wind in your ears as the world’s fastest zip line whisks you over Snowdonia. It’s the roar of the crowd at Old Trafford or the briny tang of sashimi-fresh mackerel from a Scottish fishing boat.'

The first phase of the campaign drove visitors to a campaign hub filled with captivating images, cinemagraphs and videos. Visitors to the site were invited to share these images through their own social media channels using the hashtag ‘#OMGB’ (Oh My GREAT Britain). We worked with the industry, photographers and high-profile influencers to capture the very best moments which we will share across our media channels.

Who is our target audience?

In our primary markets, we are specifically targeting three groups, those who travel for an adventure or for an escape, the travel connoisseurs and those who feel travel is about lifelong discovery.