Government and industry advice

Ensuring the economic importance of tourism is understood. Providing insights to inform Government policy.  Supporting and advising businesses of all sizes to grow and export.

We host two stakeholder groups, the British Tourism Industry Group (BTIG) and the Welcome to Britain stakeholder group which provide government and industry with a forum to engage on policy.

Beyond these channels, we work with Government and industry across the UK, focusing on issues at the heart of Britain’s competitiveness as a global tourism destination

Our work is informed by our knowledge of both domestic and international markets and customers. By offering world-class market insights, trends and performance analysis across sectors, we provide the industry with the research they need to help them recover, build their tourism business and encourage marketing that’s inspirational and relevant, alongside better targeted product development.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been running the Tourism Industry Emergency Response group on a regular basis to ensure that the issues facing the tourism industry are heard and helping to shape government support for tourism businesses at this crucial time, as well as looking at longer-term recovery. 

As well as acting as a route to market for small tourism businesses through our travel trade, digital and retail activities, we also provide advice and support to tourism providers in England on setting up their tourism business