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Do you want to benefit from partnering with us in campaigns and activities that generate high returns on investment? Campaigns that boost your profile through association with the GREAT Britain brand? Find out more about partnering with us.

Encouraging additional visitors to Britain and inspiring them to explore its nations and regions we’ve been running our GREAT Britain campaign for five years. Through our campaigns we have been promoting Britain as the ‘Home of Amazing Moments’ highlighting moments that can only be experienced here.

We are continually evolving our partnerships strategy to move beyond just marketing campaigns, we work with our partners sharing our knowledge of key segments and markets to align product development and distribution with intermediaries.

Our recent partners have involved airlines, travel and tour companies and DMOs including British Airways, Expedia, STA Travel and Marketing Manchester.

To find out more about becoming one of our commercial partners, get in touch with our partnerships team, or explore the how to market your business internationally section for information in general.

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