Get involved with the #OMGB - GREAT Britain - Home of Amazing Moments campaign

You can participate in and get your product noticed in what aims to be a global conversation on Britain’s amazing moments amongst overseas travellers.

Creating your own moments

It’s easy to participate and create your own amazing moment. Upload the image to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and add #OMGB to the adjoining copy. The easiest way to judge if it's an amazing moment is to ask yourself, is this worth shouting about?

Take a look at our advice for photography styles (PDF, 309KB) and how to capture an image that makes the viewer feel as if they're in the moment. We've also developed examples (PDF, 830KB) of what makes a moment.

What makes an amazing moment?

#OMGB campaign imagery of  a crowd watching the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo at Edinburgh castle with fireworksThese amazing moments are the first reaction or moment of discovery and when your senses are engulfed.

We are keen to see the whole spectrum of moments, from classic sporting events, afternoon tea, famous landmarks and monuments through to an unbelievable view in the Lake District from a remote peak, watching an incredible rugby match at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, catching a show at the Royal Opera House in London or watching a sunrise over the Scottish Highlands. These moments capture intense and exciting experiences featuring the newly discovered, best-kept secrets of Britain.


Getting your consumers involved

As well as creating your own amazing moments, encourage visitors to create and share their own moments. If your product is a museum, consider adding a small sign next to an exhibit to encourage social sharing. If you own a pub, add a reminder on the Wifi login page to share their experience, or if you are the gatekeeper of an incredible view, use an information board to remind people to capture the view.

Working with PR and Press

As an integrated marketing campaign our destination PR activities will follow this approach and there are many opportunities for you to support visiting journalist’s programmes and press trips. We will invite influencers to come to Britain and experience some of these incredible moments for themselves. If you have relationships with particular talent, such as influential spokespeople, bloggers or personalities, overseas and would like them to be considered please contact us.