Generating international publicity

Do you want to tap into one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your product or experience internationally?

Man being interviewed by broadcast media in front of a VisitBritain Music is GREAT branded media wallWith a global PR footprint, spanning print, broadcast and online media, we engage with thousands of journalists, international broadcasters and increasingly bloggers to generate publicity for Britain around the world. Through our visiting journalists programme, online media centre and other PR opportunities, your business can too.

PR is one of the most important tools we have to inform, inspire, and build overseas visitors’ aspirations to visit Britain. In 2016/17 we worked with industry partners, media organisations and social influencers to maximise our global PR reach. Harnessing the power of popular social media personalities, we promoted Britain to visitors through the content and platforms they already use, resulting in over four billion opportunities to see.

Through our dedicated team of PR experts in 21 markets and our global PR footprint we build and maintain good relationships with an international network of broadcasters, journalists, and bloggers.

Visiting journalists’ programme

Broadcast journalists filming a segment on location in Wales

Each year we’re involved in bringing hundreds of quality journalists here, helping them to write key stories on a wide variety of the different experiences that Britain has to offer. Many of the journalists are personally hand-picked and invited by our overseas PR managers – who have in-depth knowledge of their markets’ media – while others approach us firsthand and then undergo careful vetting.

We work with partners all over Britain to deliver this programme and ensure that each journalist’s visit here is a success. ​

A hub of information

If you’d like to successfully engage with the international media, our online media centre can help. It provides journalists with:

  • Content created for 22 key markets in 14 different languages
  • Broadcast-quality footage
  • A library of over 3,000 copyright-free photographs
  • Previews of new developments, attractions and events

We’re proud to say that our online media centre is the go-to hub of information on Britain for media around the world.

Creating a buzz around your business

Through the online media centre, there are plenty of opportunities to get your images, videos and stories under the eyes of thousands of journalists around the world. And they are all free.