GB Tourism Survey: 2016 overview

Get a snapshot of domestic tourism in 2016 with the latest Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS) data. 

GB Tourism Survey: 2016 Overview

2016 Domestic Overnight Tourism Performance Summary 

In 2016, British residents took 99.3 million overnight trips in England, totalling 288 million nights away from home,with an average trip length of 2.90 nights.

Overall trends

The number of domestic trips was 4% lower than in 2015.

Trends by trip purpose

Holiday travel

44.7 million holiday trips were taken in England in 2016. The number of holiday trips taken was on par with 2015.

At 29.3 million, short breaks of 1-3 nights account for two-thirds of English holidays by volume. 15.4 million 4+ night holidays were taken. 

Business travel

14.1 million overnight business trips were taken in England in 2016. The number of business trips was on par with 2015.

Visiting friends and relatives (VFR)

The number of VFR trips taken declined by 9% in 2016, to 36.9 million.

Further detail about trip profiles and demographic characteristics can be found in our summary tables:


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Note: All year on year trends estimates are based on a comparison with a re-processed 2015 data. More detail about this can be found in this explanation document (PDF, 1.3MB).