GB Day Visits Survey: Latest results

The Great Britain Day Visits Survey (GBDVS) measures the volume, value and trip characteristics of tourism day visits in Britain. The survey was launched in 2011 and uses an online methodology, with weekly interviews and an annual sample of c. 35,000 adults, to provide a detailed understanding of this key market.

Each month we publish a monthly summary of latest findings for the Great Britain Day Visits Survey, showing volume and value results for the year to date and the most recent three-month period for both tourism day visits and all leisure visits lasting three hours or more. 

Annual Report

The GB Day Visitor Survey 2016 (PDF, 5MB) is the latest annual report for the survey. This provides a detailed overview of survey findings, broken down by regions, demographics and other key variables.

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Monthly summaries

Day Visits 2016

Monthly summaries

Note: 31st March 2017: A processing error has been discovered which affected results for Tourism Day Visits (TDVs) taken in London in 2016. When the 2016 data were re-processed with the correct TDV filter rules applied, there was an increase in the volume of visits taken in London assigned as TDVs and a corresponding impact on the England and GB totals.

The published individual monthly reports for 2016 have not yet been corrected so the interim TDV level data for London, England and GB from these previously published monthly reports should not be used.

This issue had no impact on the 2016 results reported for Scotland, Wales or any of the English regions outside of London.

In addition, in 2016, a number of changes to the survey and questionnaire were made to improve survey usability and aid respondent understanding of the survey questions. These revisions together led to an increase in reported levels of trip taking. Further analysis of the data, including a parallel survey exercise, suggests that the revisions together accounted for 15 percentage points of the year on year increase recorded in 2016. On this basis all estimates in the topline survey report of visits for 2011 to 2015 have been increased by a factor of 15% to allow a meaningful comparison of year on year trends. 

Year on Year percentage changes that were included in the previously published monthly 2016 reports should not be used. However, previously published data for 2011 to 2015 can continue to be used to understand trends between 2011 and 2015 and to understand the structure and composition of the day visit market within individual years.

The topline 2016 survey report incorporates these changes and provides a more detailed explanation of the revisions made.

Download the Topline 2016 Survey report here (PDF, 443KB)