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  • The opportunity to encourage people to travel responsibly

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Escape the Everyday... responsibly

Escape the everyday responsibly logo in black and purpleAs tourism begins to open up across England in line, we’re encouraging responsible travel that makes a positive impact on local communities and invite you to join us in communicating an “Escape the Everyday Responsibly” message.

We wish to land the following key messages for responsible travel:

  • A cartoon illustration of  man going into a coffee shop with We're Good To Go sign on the window.Plan and book ahead. If your plans change, remember to cancel in good time so your table or room doesn’t go to waste.
  • Respect, protect, and enjoy nature and the great outdoors.
  • Avoid tourist hotspots and check out England’s hidden gems instead.
  • Be kind to staff and locals, and support local independent businesses where you can.
  • Follow social distancing rules, wash your hands regularly and wear face coverings where necessary.
  • Look out for the We’re Good to Go mark – it shows businesses that are operating in line with government COVID guidance.

From 12 April, we will be sharing this messaging across our channels and there are a number of ways you can get involved which include:

Hiker in yellow with arms raised in a v in front of cumbiran landscape with know before you go logoYou can also access the ‘Know Before You Go’ toolkit and download the branding to use on your creative if you require a more immediate and direct message.

The rail industry is following government guidance and taking steps to ensure the safe and continued running of the railway. National Rail ask businesses to encourage employees and customers to follow the recommended travel guidance. You can view their advice for businesses webpage and download their ‘Advice for Businesses' PDF booklet.

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