England visitor activities

From sightseeing to adrenaline sports, our surveys provide insight on the activities domestic visitors undertake on trips to England.

Value of activities

Together with VisitScotland and Visit Wales, we sponsored a piece of research to look into the value of individual activities for tourism. 

This research used available data from the GBTS (Great Britain Tourism Survey), GBDVS (Great Britain Day Visits Survey) and IPS (International Passenger Survey, undertaken by the ONS). It also featured primary research into the importance of activities in motivating trips, all to attribute a value to different types of activities undertaken on trips in Great Britain.

Activities undertaken on trips

Since 2011, the GBTS survey, which measures the volume and value of domestic overnight trips, has captured information on the activities undertaken on these trips in Great Britain. Outputs from the survey can be found here. The latest activities data, from the 2015 survey, can be found in the 2015 GBTS overview page.

Activities Undertaken on Domestic Overnight Trips (2012) (PDF, 262KB) is a short summary of leisure activities undertaken on domestic overnight trips in England, taken from the 2012 GBTS and including 2011 comparisons. Results are also available split by Destination Type (PDF, 321KB) and Region Visited (PDF, 513KB).

A question regarding holiday activities was included in the UKTS survey until the end of 2003. View the results for 2000 to 2003 (PDF, 40KB).

The Great Britain Day Visits Survey (GBDVS) was launched in 2011, and tracks activities undertaken on day visits in Great Britain. See outputs from this survey or view the latest activities results, with the 2015 GB Day Visitor (PDF, 4.33MB).

A couple of Chinese origin at an art galleryActivities Topic Papers

We have produced "Topic Papers" summarising the value and contribution of various holiday activities in England, using 2015 data.

See Topic Papers for further reports on demographic groups, regions and types of destinations.

International visitors

Find out about activities undertaken by international visitors to the UK.