Cooperative Partnership (£25k-100k) registration

Please read and agree to all the following statements:

  • Must be able to match fund VisitBritain spend with discretionary marketing funds cash/marketing in kind (MIK) minimum
  • Must have current capacity/packages to Britain, at the time of campaign and an offer price (if within the travel industry)
  • Must be prepared to target incremental leisure visits and spend
  • Must provide a dedicated fulfilment mechanism (website/sales force) and report on sales if this is the preferred call to action.
  • Must pass a credit check
  • Must adopt Britain branding to VisitBritain’s satisfaction
  • Must comply with quarterly formal partnerships review process
  • Must agree to joint KPIs in relation to agreed activity
  • Must appeal to VisitBritain target segments
  • Must have some significant and auditable marketing assets (talent, consumer reach, media inventory) and be prepared to offer these in return for VisitBritain cash or MIK.
  • Must be willing to comply with VisitBritain evaluation and brand tracking procedures

* = mandatory field

I agree to all of the above statements

We cannot take your cooperative partnership application further as you have not agreed to the statements above. Please agree to these if you wish to continue.

Contact details

Please fill in all the details below and submit the form. Preference will be given where VisitBritain agencies can be used. A member of the partnerships team will respond to you within 5 working days of receiving the form.


Partnership details

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