Co-operative Marketing with VisitEngland

Would you like to leverage your marketing spend to reach more UK millennials? Enquire about a domestic partnership with us.

What do I get?

  • Potential for increased/additional reach and exposure
  • Access to VisitEngland resources including media, creative, owned assets, Trade and PR
  • A fully evaluated campaign with insights, learnings and recommendations

What is it?

Join the World screen grabIntegral to our global marketing is working co-operatively with key industry partners under our “Join the World” GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland platform, to change the mindset of and drive additional trips from the millennial audience in the domestic (UK) market. We work in collaboration with local, regional and national organisations, focusing on speaking to millennial consumers in the Domestic (UK) market.

A number of opportunities exist this financial year to target the Millennial audience, in which we are seeking partners based on a co-operative marketing spend model.

The specifics of the campaign will be jointly developed by VisitEngland and the partner depending on the aims and objectives of the partnership.

View previous examples of these partnerships on our campaigns page.

What does it cost?

Exact details will vary depending on the partner and the aims and objectives of the partnership, but the minimum investment is £100,000 cash. To enquire about a partnership with your organisation fill in the registration form. You might also want to download the evaluation criteria (PDF, 128KB).

Registration open
Join the world screen grab
  • Price:
    Minimum investment of £100,000
  • Booking deadline:
    Friday, 11 August, 2017

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