Business recovery webinar FAQs: Speaking to customers in a post-COVID world

Questions and answers from our third webinar, Speaking to customers in a post-COVID world, recorded 9 July.

Please note information provided in these responses was correct at the time of recording.

VisitEngland have We're Good to Go which is free for all tourism businesses. 

We encourage an ongoing message of reassurance. This can be delivered through positive communication about the UK-wide We’re Good To Go industry standard, where businesses can self-certify to demonstrate that they are committed to operating in line with public health guidance and sharing positive stories of businesses making innovations and adaptations as they begin operating in the ‘new normal’.

For the domestic market, through the summer, we are running our “Know Before You Go” reassurance campaign. This aims to encourage consumers to check any restrictions in place before they travel and support the industry in managing demand across the regions. For example, visitors are encouraged to check if they need to buy tickets in advance, whether there are food & drink facilities, parking etc. Alongside this, Cabinet Office are running a nationwide Enjoy Summer Safely campaign and we are supporting the government on the tourism messaging as part of this campaign.

In international markets, we are continuing to inspire consumers with engaging content about Britain and encouraging consumers to build their British wish lists for when they can travel again.

We are keen to aid consumer and business messaging on the We’re Good to Go industry standard.  Any business awarded the standard may freely use the mark to support their own business listing.  If you would like to promote those businesses, you will need to carry an explanation of what the mark means.  It is extremely important that each individual business goes through the process and therefore we would ask any generic use of the mark in brochures should be sent us for approval in advance to the We will then assess and if UK wide, agree in consultation with our partners in VisitScotland; Visit Wales and Tourism Northern Ireland before any approval is made.

We encourage businesses and destinations to visit our 'Opportunities' page on to check what type of content we are currently focusing on and tag content on social media with #lovegreatbritain for international audiences and #visitengland for domestic audiences.

All sectors of the tourism industry are encouraged to apply for the standard that was developed in consultation with industry, 45 membership organisations and DCMS.  All those that apply agree to our Terms and Conditions which set out expectations and also underline that Government guidelines will be observed.  The business will receive up-dates of changes in guidance as a compulsory element.  All are also aware that spotchecks will be carried out, with a mix of telephone and assessor visits taking place throughout August; September and October.  These visits will focus heavily on procedures in place linked to the other compulsory element of the COVID-19 Risk Assessment.  We also have agreements in place with our membership organisations to support this work throughout the lifetime of the standard.

The Industry Standard and Know Before You Go are both aimed at indoor and outdoor attractions and locations and we are seeing them being used by both. You might like to visit our Business Advice Hub which contains a wealth of guidance and advice.

VE (domestic / England) –

The standard is randomly spot checked by independent trained assessors to ensure measures are in place in line with their site specific COVID-19 Risk Assessment and the Government and Public Health guidelines on social distancing; cleanliness and face coverings.

You can highlight that over 31,000 tourism businesses have signed up to We’re Good To Go and that the COVID-19 Visitor Economy and Public Health Guidelines have been put in place to support and guide all businesses.

We are currently working with one of the industry bodies in this area, when their guidance is made available we will post it to the Business Advice Hub so do keep an eye on that area.

We hope you have signed up to We’re Good to go – this is a tool devised to help you with that reassuring message, to show that you are working hard to maintain cleanliness and are following the correct Government and Public Health guidance.  You need to demonstrate clearly the actions you are taking, which you can do through displaying the mark and explaining what it is on your own website and social media channels. Be clear that it means you could be spot checked at any time.

It’s basically a list style article e.g. 'top 10 places to go...'

More details on the toolkit here: . If you have questions on this, please email  and they will be able to help.

We are using to signpost to local destination websites and encouraging destinations to act as the expert authority on where is open locally.

If a guest is booking from an area in lockdown, you need to be clear that the advance booking is subject to the lockdown being removed.  For all other guests, provided you are following Government and Public Health guidelines you can demonstrate what you have actioned and with clear communication can encourage guests do their bit in relation to social distancing and cleanliness.   It does not have to be enforcement, but it should be clear that they have an important part to play.  Highlight these measures through signage, word of mouth and via your marketing channels to ensure there is awareness before and during their visit.

By email, and as succinctly as possible. Beware waffle: know your story – your USP or the topical reason to cover your product – and get to it immediately. Begin the subject line with "Story idea — " and then briefly summarise your idea in a few tantalising words. Send it on a morning between Tuesday and Thursday. If you're contacting a freelancer, specify which of his/her regular outlets you're interested in.