Building your website & maximising SEO

Reach customers anywhere. Build your brand. Your website is an essential part of your marketing mix. This section of our Online Marketing Toolkit covers the basics of setting up a business website, including how to get a tailored domain name, how to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) and how to make the most of Google Analytics. 

Through the building of your website and maximising SEO section of the Online Marketing Toolkit you'll learn about:

Website overview

Getting a domain name, website hosting services and features to include on your website.

Building a website and SEO

Whether to build your own website or hire a designer and an overview of how to improve your SEO.

You can also read our Quality Edge article on the top 7 ways to boost your Google ranking (PDF, 721KB), including creating a sitemap and thinking in terms of individual pages rather than your website as a whole.

Using Google Analytics

How to set up a Google account and using Google Analytics to track where your website visitors are coming from. 

Using Google to maximise your visibility

Google is now much more than a search engine and is growing rapidly. Its free products include Google+, YouTube, Blogger, Google Analytics, Google Alerts and Google Hotel Finder.  

This section contains an overview of Google products and their potential benefits for your business, including step-by-step guides on how to use each platform and top tips for creating engaging content.

Google Product Overview

An overview of Google products and using Google Alerts and the Google URL Shortener.

Getting Started on Google+

The benefits of having a Google+ page for your business, including search engine optimisation and reviews.

Setting up Your Google+ page

How to set up a Google account and a Google+ page for your business.

Content for Google+

Guidance on adding someone to your Google circles, creating posts and tips on making the most of your Google+ page.