Developing our strategy to be the leading digital tourism agency by 2020

Increasing visits and spend across Britain
The leading digital tourism agency by 2020
Creating and enhancing partnerships

We have developed our strategy and nurtured deeper partnerships to drive awareness of Britain’s outstanding tourism products and increase visits across the nations and regions of Britain, while encouraging Brits to take holidays at home. 

Increasing visits and spend across Britain

Our integrated marketing activity generated additional visits and £872m in additional visitor spend in 2016/17 across the nations and regions of Britain.

Leveraging partnerships with global brands and major tourism organisations, we have showcased the amazing moments and rich variety of Britain’s world-class tourism product.

We were once again key players in the GREAT campaign, working closely with Government, UK Trade & Investment, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, & Sport, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British Council to increase visitors to Britain from international markets.

Our international marketing campaigns have turned travel inspiration into visits and visits into advocacy for Britain. We have also worked domestically, with the national tourist boards for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to promote holidays at home by highlighting the appeal of the UK’s diverse nations and regions.


Working towards being the leading digital tourism agency by 2020

In 2016/17 we worked towards our vision to be the leading digital tourism agency by 2020. Our three-year digital marketing strategy is built on a ‘test and learn’ philosophy across all content, from tablet user experience to call-to-action copy. That enabled us to generate valuable insights quickly to inform cross-channel investment decisions.

We are working towards delivering the most relevant and inspirational content to the right audiences at the right time by using the right channels, and this approach has seen us use tailored content for diverse audiences, to showcase Britain’s and England’s tourism offer at home and abroad.

  • This year we worked with digital influencers to reach audiences through the content they already enjoy (for example teaming up with popular Instagrammer, Zannavandijk, we built ambassadorial support for VisitEngland across social media and our work at the Social Travel Summit supporting our international work)
  • From inspiration and booking to visitor advocacy, we harnessed the power of digital across the whole customer journey: from our online hub in our newest domestic campaign (‘Join the World’) to our magical map of Britain, being one of our strongest social media posts ever
  • We improved our digital social media presences to enhance our partnerships with industry, government and non-tourism organisations (e.g. our domestic work with destinations to support the year of literary heroes campaign and work with partners to support the very first Music Tourism Convention)
  • We created content for over 20 key markets in 14 languages 
Behind-the-scenes video on location for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
British famous campaign
Inspiring young Brits to holiday at home

Creating and enhancing partnerships

Throughout the year we continued to work with industry, government agencies, high-profile brands, the media and influencers to make Britain a must-visit destination internationally and to inspire Brits to holiday at home.

In 2016/17, we developed a new partnership strategy to maximise our approach, focussing on:

  • Fewer, broader commercial partnerships
  • Partner influence across the consumer journey
  • Driving increased awareness
  • Reaching our target audiences through new channels
  • Creating compelling products to convert interest into action
  • Amplified advocacy


Across industry, we worked closely with government agencies and the official tourism bodies for London, Scotland and Wales. Partnerships with airlines such as British Airways, Etihad and Hainan, among many others, increased our global reach, whilst collaboration with destination management organisations around Britain and England ensured we showcase amazing experiences all over the country.

Outside the tourism sector we partnered with global brands such as the Premier League and Warner Bros and others to increase our reach and impact.

A key strategic priority for our marketing and partnership activity this year was to work with influencers to reach out to visitors at home and abroad. We organised educational press trips to encourage positive coverage, create advocacy and enable visitors to experience world-class British tourism first-hand. In 2016/17 our award-winning, cross-channel PR activity reached four billion people around the world.

"Leveraging partnerships with global brands and major tourism organisations, we have showcased the amazing moments and rich variety of Britain’s world-class tourism product."