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Sharing our expertise
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We advise and support Government to ensure that tourism considerations inform policy making. In addition, we provide intelligence and insights into the sector for the tourism industry. In 2015/16 we influenced matters ranging from the protection of natural beauty and rural areas to enhanced collaboration between the tourism and transport sectors.

An ambassador for tourism

We have continued to be an essential advisor to industry and government on matters affecting Britain’s standing as a leading tourism market: enabling international dialogue, improving access to Britain and helping to safeguard our natural beauty. We also ensured that our intelligence on markets and customer insights was widely available: informing Government strategy, and supporting businesses of all sizes. From B&Bs to attractions, retail to pubs and restaurants, national tourism brands to carriers, we were an advisor, supporter, leader and collaborative partner: ensuring that our performance enhanced the results of others.

Supporting the Government growth agenda

Government's Tourism Action Plan front coverIn August 2016, Prime Minister, Theresa May. announced the Government’s tourism action plan, outlining new initiatives and measures to boost tourism throughout the UK and spread the benefits across the country.

Demonstrating the Government’s understanding of the importance of tourism to the country and its commitment to improving our competitive tourism offer, the new initiatives include making it easier for visitors to explore the UK using our extensive transport network, flexible apprenticeship schemes tackling the industry’s seasonal nature and cutting red tape for B&Bs. Delivering on this plan will be our focus over the coming months and years.

An advocate for tourism

In 2015/16 we continued to ensure the tourism sector is considered as part of the wider Government agenda by responding to consultations on key issues and challenges affecting growth.

As well as briefings for Parliamentary debates, we’ve:
  • Supported the People to People dialogue between the British and Chinese governments, as well as the new two-year visa scheme for Chinese nationals
  • Continued to work with UK Visas & Immigration to ensure the British visa system is seen as fair and accessible, and have advised on surface airport access to the UK’s airports with the Transport Select Committee
  • Advised on matters from rural development to national trails, power lines in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to coastal communities
VisitBritain website providing research and insights
Providing customer insights plus inbound and domestic research
The Government's Tourism Action Plan
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Providing knowledge that supports and enables

Home page of industry websiteOur tourism and market intelligence, research and insights also support the development and growth of destinations and tourism businesses of all sizes.

Our new consolidated VisitBritain/VisitEngland industry website launched in March 2016, providing a valuable one-stop shop on English and British tourism for the industry, as well as a wealth of research, statistics and resources. The site is packed with information, resources and insights, helping fulfil our advisory role through:

Beyond the website, we share insight, best practice, market intelligence and updates at conferences, seminars and events; in reports, papers and infographics; through our busy Twitter and LinkedIn channels, and in our targeted industry newsletter.

We also set up the English Destinations Forum as a platform for exchanging information on strategic national and local tourism issues among destinations and other key industry players. Joined by over 40 senior industry representatives, the forum enables the sharing of best practice in key areas including partnership working.

Keeping the industry informed – in numbers

Responding to the EU referendum outcome

We have actively researched the potential impacts of the result of the EU membership referendum in June 2016, in order to remain adaptable and agile to changing circumstance, challenges and opportunities. Two major themes emerging from our latest research are the need to reinforce the value message, and underline our welcome message. The weaker pound means there has never been a better time for tourists to travel and spend here – be they from overseas or closer to home. Our short tactical campaign with BA in the US, mounted in just a few days, capitalised on this and we’ve secured record levels of media coverage at home and overseas for our call to action for Brits to holiday at home, and international visitors to enjoy the value and quality of British holidays. These messages are being strengthened and will form a central plank of our future marketing communications.

The Government is keen to ensure that the industry’s priorities in terms of Brexit negotiations are heard and understood, and we will continue to represent these at events such as the early round table on tourism with industry leaders and the Secretary of State.

We ensured that our intelligence on markets and customer insights was widely available: informing Government strategy, and supporting businesses of all sizes.