Chairman's Foreword

VisitBritain has continued to deliver. From our Sounds of Great Britain campaign to our recent Countryside campaign - we are making an impact. We are delivering bang for buck

Inspiring Visitors to Explore Britain

Collaborating with Government and a vast range of partners our campaigns aimed to boost Britain’s image overseas, adding value to the UK economy

Delivering Results

Over the past four years we have generated over £2.5bn in additional visitor spend, with an additional £630m for GREAT.

CEO Statement

 VisitBritain has continued to deliver over the past year - every £1 invested in us has resulted in an overseas visitor spending £21 here

The Power of Partnerships

We have locked in the private sector, secured in £62.5m in partner funding over the past four years

Building on Business Relationships

We gave British tourism businesses a route to market and generated £888 million in additional visitor spend between 2011-2015

Providing Essential Expertise

As trusted advisor to Government and industry, we have continued to provide knowledge and insights into inbound tourism 

Improving Perceptions of Britain

Since 2011, we have generated £8.9 billion worth of PR coverage to highlight the best of what Britain has to offer

Leading the Digital Drive

Maintaining and developing our position as one of the most prominent tourist boards in the digital arena, we’ve continued to grow our online presence

Introducing Ourselves

From worldwide networks, to strategies that reach new markets, we’re helping to increase tourism’s contribution to the economy and ensuring its benefits are felt across the whole of Britain

Our Board & Senior Team

Meet the team that was leading VisitBritain as of October 2015

Growing our Retail Profits

In 2014/15 our online shop saw a 20% increase in turnover to £18.6 million, over £3 million more than last year, with a net profit of £1.6m

Inbound Tourism Performing for Britain

Inbound tourism had a record year in 2014, with inbound visits and overseas visitor spending higher than ever before, up 5% and 3% respectively