Current Conditions 12 December 2014

The image below shows the latest status for a number of factors driving tourism. Based on an analysis of over forty different series, grouped into eight ‘segments’, the chart above clearly comes with a hefty health warning, with the ‘scoring’ of each factor being as much art as it is science.

To read more detail about transport, weather, tourism and economic news which is affecting current tourism conditions open each section in the links below.

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Transport News
  • Heathrow handled 1.1% more passengers in November than a year ago, making it the airport’s busiest ever November.  Continuing the recent trend transfer traffic grew at a faster pace than terminating traffic, 3.9%.  

  • Gatwick Airport handled 5.8% more terminal passengers in November than a year ago 

  • Manchester Airport handled 5.0% more terminal passengers during November than a year ago while domestic passenger numbers increased 12.6% 

  • Edinburgh Airport handled 3.1% more passengers in November than a year ago, although international passenger traffic was up by just 1.4% 

  • Glasgow Airport handled 11.8% more passengers in November than a year ago 

  • Aberdeen Airport handled 4.3% more passengers in November than a year ago 

  • Southampton Airport handled 11.7% more passengers in November than a year ago 

  • During November British Airways revenue passenger kilometres were 4.1% up on a year ago 

  • A strike by Greek air traffic controllers disrupts flights to Britain from Greece on 26 and 27 November 

  • A further two-day strike by Lufthansa pilots disrupts some flights from Germany to Britain 

  • Strike action in Belgium disrupts Eurostar services on 8 and 15 December 

  • Flights to Britain from Italy disrupted on 12th December due to a strike in Italy 

  • From early February flybe will operate three flights per day on weekdays and one per day at weekends between Belfast City and Liverpool   

  • From late March American Airlines will add a second daily flight from Philadelphia to Heathrow 

  • Bergen Air Transport has launched twice weekly flights from Bergen to Sumburgh (Shetland Islands) 

  • From February Qatar Airways is increasing the number of flights per week from Doha to Manchester from ten to fourteen 

  • From 21 December Air India increases the number of flights from Delhi to Birmingham from four per week to a daily rotation 

  • During summer 2015 Aer Lingus will operate up to five flights per week from Dublin to Newquay 

  • For summer 2015 British Airways will operate twenty flights per week from Tel Aviv to Heathrow, up from 14 per week in summer 2014 

  • Aeromexico will increase the number of flights it operates from Mexico City to London Heathrow from three to five by June 2015 

  • From late October 2015 Virgin Atlantic will add a second daily flight from Miami to London Heathrow 

  • Virgin Atlantic says it now plans to offer twice-daily flights from Atlanta to Heathrow from late March 

  • During November Met Office figures show that across the UK temperatures were exceptionally above average, whereas both sunshine and rainfall totals were close to the seasonal norm

Domestic Economic News
Domestic Economic News
  • UK manufacturing output falls in November but balance of trade figures show a healthier than expected picture 

European Economic News
European Economic News
  • According to the OECD the Eurozone may be ‘stuck in persistent stagnation’ 

  • Eurozone inflation falls to an annual rate of 0.3% in November 

  • Russian central bank increases interest rates from 9.5% to 10.5% to combat inflation   

US Economic News
US Economic News
  • Revised figures show that the US economy grew at an annual rate of 3.9% in the third quarter of 2014, up from the earlier estimate of 3.5%

  • US unemployment remained flat at 5.8% in November 

Global Economic News
Global Economic News
  • OPEC decide not to reduce production, a decision that resulted in the price of oil falling to its lowest level for more than five years at around $63 per barrel - more than 40% lower than six months ago 

  • The Japanese economy is now estimated to have contracted at an annual rate of 1.9% in the third quarter of 2014, a worse outcome than the earlier estimate of 1.6% 

  • China’s exports rose at a far slower pace than expected during November 

  • Inflation in China falls to a five-year low 

Tourism News
Tourism News
  • During the year ending 30th September 2014 14,087,341 passports were issued in the USA, 4.1% up on the year before.  This tally included 1.463,191 ‘passport cards’.  It is estimated that there are now 121,512,341 valid US passports in circulation, representing 38% of the population

  • IATA forecast that in 2015 air fares will fall by around 5.1% 

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