Inbound Visitor Statistics

These pages contain data and information on visits to the UK by overseas residents based on data from the Office for National Statistics' International Passenger Survey. 

Please use the links below to browse for the detailed data you are interested in, or for headline figures please view our Inbound Tourism Facts page.


Latest data Go

See provisional estimates for the latest month, more detailed figures by market and more for the latest quarter from the International Passenger Survey. Also access the most recent annual figures.


Annual trend data by market, visitor type and more Go

See how tourism to the UK from different markets and world regions has evolved. View visits by age, gender, journey purpose (e.g. holiday, business), season, mode of transport, length of stay and whether package / independent travel. Data is available from 2003 - 2013.


Detailed annual data 2001 onwards Go

Separate detailed Excel files for each year from 2001 onwards. Use these files to easily look up visits, spend, nights, average length of stay, average spend and much more for particular markets or types of visitors in a specific year.


Visits to UK nations, regions, counties and towns Go

Look here for information on how many overseas visitors went to different parts of the UK. You'll find data for the UK's nations (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), the English regions (e.g. London, South West, North East), counties, and cities/towns.


Visitor activities Go

See how many visits to the UK include shopping, a pub, castles, museums, gardens, the countryside or coast, a festival, the theatre, watching football or participating in outdoor activities and more.


More about visitors Go

Find out more about overseas visitors to the UK: booking methods, first-time and repeat visitors, transport used within the UK, who they are travelling with, how far in advance they decide on visiting the UK, who visits the UK as part of a multi-country trip and more.


Business visits Go

See a breakdown of business visits to the UK from overseas by those coming for 'trade fairs / exhibitions' and 'conferences / large meetings'. Data is available for 2007-11. Note data is not available for 2012 or 2013 but updated figures will be available for 2014.


About the International Passenger Survey Go

Find answers to frequently asked questions, information about the methodology and reliability of the survey, and details of VisitBritain's upcoming sponsored questions as well as those asked in the past.