Britain's Tourism Industry

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Tourism is a valuable source of foreign exchange, worth more in export value in 2012 than crude oil, food beverages and tobacco and very nearly as much as motor cars. Overseas visitors spend around £20 billion a year in this country and they contribute more than £6 billion in revenue to the Exchequer.

When combined with domestic tourism, the industry is worth UK £127 billion a year and employs 3 million people - on both measurements that accounts for around 10% of the UK economy.

Crucially, against the backdrop of a slow recovery from recession, tourism is growing faster than other economic sectors.

Within this section you will find information about the visitor economy, tourism industry groups and bodies and a map showing the structure of tourism in Britain. Stay up to date with tourism news by following us on Twitter - @VisitBritainBiz.

Introduction to British Tourism

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Find out more about the value of tourism to the Britain economy and view our interactive map of the structure of tourism in Britain.


Industry Groups and Bodies Go

Links to a range of other tourism industry groups and bodies.


Tourism Affairs Go

We are actively tackling a number of tourism affairs that hinder Britain’s competitiveness as a tourism destination.

Press Release

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Here you will find a summary of facts and figures that describe the scale and importance of the UK Visitor Economy.

Britain Tourism Strategy

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Find out more about the Britain Tourism Strategy – a growth strategy for inbound tourism to Britain from 2012 to 2020.